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Abiding Above - July 9, 2014

  • 2014 Jul 09

The Believer’s Consecration Of The Christ Life-Part 2

July 9, 2014


What exactly should the believer be doing when he or she makes a rededication to Christ? I believe that when a believer comes forward to make a rededication he or she should come in the measure of complete surrender of their lives to Jesus Christ. You must come with this in mind; Romans 6:11…consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.”

You see, when God looks at you and me, He sees the fact that not only did Christ die for our “sin” on the cross, but also He died with “ourself” on the cross. So, if we are not careful and we double up our efforts to do better, what we are bringing to Him is “self,” and He’s lovingly saying “No,” I see that crucified because my Son has already died with that on the cross…what I want you to think and do is realize it is no more “I” but it is “Christ.” It is Christ in the believer and through the believer as we say no to ourselves and yes to God.

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