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Abiding Above - June 25, 2015

  • 2015 Jun 25


The Person That God Uses-Part 7

June 25, 2015


If you are going to be a person that God uses you must have qualities of good character. 

What is character?

Character can be defined as:

  • Who you are when no one is looking and what you are willing to stand for when someone is looking.
  • Who you are striving to be and what you can be trusted with.

The quality of good character for a person who God uses is:

  • Holiness – To be set apart.  To be separate.  Separated and set apart, not for yourself, but for God.

We cannot be holy ourselves. There is only one-way holiness can happen in the life of a believer and that is when we let Mr. Holiness, who lives in us live through us. We cannot do this by imitation. It is the real work of God in us through the Holy Spirit Himself.

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