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Abiding Above - May 15, 2014

  • 2014 May 15

God’s View Of Our Problems-Part 11

May 15, 2014


When you and I choose to respond God’s way to problems in our lives it makes us more valuable to others as a Christian. People begin to really believe what we have always been saying about our relationship with God. But if we respond the wrong way, we will come to a point in our lives where we feel destitute in our relationship to God…even wondering if we are really saved. How we respond to our problems will cause us to have greater spiritual influence when we respond correctly. When we are growing and responding the right way this will encourage other people, but if we are not, people will be discouraged by us. God’s perspective is key because it is an eternal perspective. It does not always mean God’s going to take us out of the problem, but He will always give us the strength to go through the problem. My friend, we are to respond to our problems the same way Jesus responded to the cross… “Father, not my will but your will be done.”

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