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Abiding Above - May 29, 2015

  • 2015 May 29


I Am A Church Member-A Gift Of Love To Be Treasured-Part 7

May 29, 2015


It is by grace when you are saved, and then as you live the Christian life it continues to be by grace. You cannot be saved by the law, and if this is your mindset then you are relying on something that you do to get something that you can’t have, my friend. The reason I mention you being in Christ all the time is for the same reason you pull up to the gas pump every week to get gas in your car, you cannot live the Christian life apart from the work of the Holy Spirit, it is impossible. My friend, He is the Christian life. Paul said, “It is no longer I but Christ.” You and I are to abide above in who we already are in Christ, enabled by the indwelling Holy Spirit. When we choose to think and live this way,  being a part of the body of Christ will cease to be a chore. We will be joyous in our walk and in our talk and we will be a contagious Christian. Chose to abide above in Christ who is your life.

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