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Abiding Above - May 5, 2015

  • 2015 May 05


I Am A Church Member-A Praying Member-Part 3

May 5, 2015

Genesis 9:20-21- “And Noah began to be a farmer, and he planted a vineyard. 21 Then he drank of the wine and was drunk, and became uncovered in his tent.”

Noah was a righteous man and was spared from dying in the flood. He was a man who found favor with God.  He was a man who walked with God and a man who prayed and worshipped God. But, Noah lost his testimony. How did he lose his testimony? The same way that you and I might lose our testimony if we do not return to Bible study and prayer. Whenever we let something else or someone else take the place of learning about God and spending time with God, we too will find ourselves pulled away by the trappings of this world’s system. Have you come to a point in your life that you have stopped praying and spending time in God’s Word? Have you stopped going to church? Have you found yourself stuck in a rut? In many ways, we in American, in the churches have lost our testimony because we love the things of this world more than the things of God. We need to be men and women who daily seek after God and who finish well.

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