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Husband of Anne Graham Lotz Nearly Drowns in Swimming Pool

Danny Lotz, son-in-law of evangelist Billy Graham and husband of Anne Graham Lotz, was found unresponsive in his swimming pool yesterday afternoon.

Danny Lotz, 78,  is reported to have suffered from diabetic seizures in the past, but it is yet unclear if Lotz’s diabetes had anything to do with his near-drowning.

The Bay Leaf Fire Department came to the Lotz’s home and transported Lotz to the hospital.

Christianity Today reports that Anne Graham Lotz found her husband in their swimming pool at their Raleigh, North Carolina home about 3:45 p.m. on Monday. 

Mrs. Lotz posted an update on her Facebook page: "[Danny] is currently in a hospital ICU receiving excellent care. There are no answers yet as to the outcome. The family is standing firm in faith, trusting Jesus. Thank you for your prayers."

Danny Lotz worked as a dentist in Raleigh and is known for being a part of the famed 1957 UNC basketball team. He and Anne have three adult children.

Both Danny and Anne are also involved in various ministries, with Danny leading a Bible study every week with 80-100 attendees. 

Photo courtesy: iha.com

Publication date: August 18, 2015

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