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The Point with John Stonestreet

From Facebook to Twitter, from college professors who mock the Christian faith to feel-good Christianity, from premarital relations to finding a job, let’s face it: it’s a tough, confusing world for Christian young people. It’s hardly a wonder that George Barna has found that six out of ten 20-somethings who were involved in church during their teen years are no longer spiritually active as young adults.

The problem’s compounded by the fact that we older Christians aren’t particularly adept at communicating our faith and our worldview to younger Christians. And I include myself in that criticism. After all, our experiences growing up were radically different than those of our young brethren and even our children. That’s one reason why for several years now I’ve been talking about how critical it is that we equip our youth with a solid, biblically based, orthodox worldview. And it’s why I’ve supported organizations like Summit Ministries, which operates courses and camps to teach worldview to young people.

And now I’m pleased to announce that we’ve added one of the truly fine, leading, young worldview thinkers and teachers to the BreakPoint fold. You may have heard me talk about him before. His name is John Stonestreet. And while he still serves with Summit Ministries, he has joined us to host his new worldview radio program called “The Point with John Stonestreet.”

In just one minute each day, John gives a thoroughly biblical perspective on topics that are part of everyday culture, from  celebrities like Lady Gaga to sports to larger cultural issues like life, marriage, and social justice concerns. The goal is to help Christians navigate their way through culture, find the truth, and live lives of faith and integrity.  Or, as John says, “to engage real-life issues in real time from a Christian worldview.” This is a program you can point the young people in your life to with confidence.

John has also started a blog that invites you into the discussion.  He and a fine group of writers tackle tough subjects and aren’t afraid to engage in frank give-and-take dialog. And, of course, folks can follow John and The Point writers on Twitter and Facebook.

John’s teaching helps to bridge the gap between younger and older Christians. On a recent Point radio broadcast, John commented on Lady Gaga’s recent bizarre performance at the Grammy Awards: “There is plenty of popular junk that our kids are exposed to in teen culture, and we should be concerned about it,” John said. “But there’s a difference between influence and respect. Most students I work with don’t respect Gaga or others like her. They watch like we would watch a train wreck -- it’s just too hard to ignore.” Then John points out that the Barna Group recently published a study suggesting that students respect family members and others that are actually in their life more than anyone else! And that’s good news, not just for our kids, but for us as well.

So check out John Stonestreet and The Point. Visit The And tell the young Christians in your life about it. You can also find out at which radio stations carry The Point. If your local Christian station doesn’t, don’t be shy. Let them know you would love to hear The Point with John Stonestreet every day.

This article published March 22, 2011.

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