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Daily Courage - August 11

  • 2020 Aug 11

from Day by Day with the Persecuted Church

It has always been my ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else's foundation. Rather it is written: Those who were not told about him will see, and those who have not heard will understand. (Romans 15:20-21)


Paul had world vision. All nations must hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He preferred to go to places as yet unreached. He visited strategic centers out of which the whole world could be reached in the quickest and best way.

He worked from that well known principle - Urbi et Orbi - the town and the world. It is surprising what such a man was able to achieve in such a short time and with so little material. For that he paid a price. He sacrificed everything, even friendship.

Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain can be reached by us in just a few days but for Paul in his circumstances, it was an almost impossible task. But he did it. He was able to say at a given moment, "But now that there is no more place for me to work in these regions..." (Romans 15:23).

Today the Lord gives us all the materials, all the technical know-how and all the possibilities to reach the whole world with the Gospel. The harvest remains plentiful, especially in lands which for many decades were closed to missionary work. The workers are few - people of vision and faith; people who are prepared to pay the price; those who dare to give up security for an unsure future; those who have a vision for the world; who dare to say "the world is my church" instead of "the church is my world."

Pray, therefore, that the Lord of the harvest will send forth workers and be prepared to be the answer to your own prayers.

Copyright [C] 1995 Open Doors International. Used by permission.

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Day by Day with the Persecuted Church
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