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Dave's Daily Devo - March 15

  • 2016 Mar 15


Matthew 24:6-8

ISIS decapitates Coptic Christians on the shores of the Mediterranean.  Lakes in Texas are only beginning to rise after an extended drought drained away our water. Even the ground where Texas Stadium once stood now shakes frequently moving Texans in Irving to cry out for earthquake protection. And if I hear another U.S. President declare, “The war is over! Our troops are coming home,” I’m going to scream.

Persecution, famine, earthquakes, war—we are definitely seeing these birth pangs of the End. What concerns me is that many of my brothers and sisters in Christ are afraid. Before Jesus gave His life, He sat down with His disciples on the Mt. of Olives and talked to them about the destruction of the Temple and the hard times that were coming. He also told them about His visible return to earth and the end of this age. This is what He had to say about our fear.

You are about to hear of wars and rumors of war. See to it that you are not frightened for it is necessary for these things to be, but this is not yet the End. For nation will rise up against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in many places. All these things are the beginnings of birth pangs.” - Matthew 24:6-8

Labor pains are tough, but they are the harbinger of one of life’s greatest joys—the birth of a baby. No matter what your view is about the specifics of biblical prophecy, one thing Jesus makes clear is that in the end He is going to visibly return to earth and He is the ruler who will actually put an end to war, persecution, famine, and natural disasters.

LORD, it’s not the earthquakes that scare me. It’s the sudden car accidents that take close friends from vibrant life to an intensive care room. It’s the craziness that Chris Kyle, a Midlothian boy, could survive repeated tours in Iraq but then be killed out in the quiet country side south of Granbury. I don’t need to scream. I need your Spirit to pour peace into my life and keep me confident that You’re coming back to set all things right in the End.

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