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Dave's Daily Devo - May 25

  • 2016 May 25

A Tight Spot

Psalm 118

When I finished the Pastors Conference in Kakamega, I was sitting in the dining room about 9:00PM waiting for Pastor Sammy to join me when I got an email from Mary, "Car accident." Then my Internet connection went bad.

I tried Mary on my phone twice. No answer. Finally, I got through. She was in Canton, TX, kind of okay, but her Toyota was not okay. Mary was on the way to visit our kids in Alabama when she came to a construction zone and had to stop. Praise God for good Avalon brakes. She stopped, but the driver behind was oblivious. He hit her full speed-a collision that ended up being a five-car pileup.

Man, it's tough being in Kenya when your precious wife has been in an accident. Psalm 115:5-6 was a special comfort this morning as the psalmist expressed how he responded to a life-threatening situation.

"From a tight spot, dangerous and threatening I called to the LORD. He answered me. The LORD provided a broad, refreshing, safe place for me. The LORD is for me. What can human beings do to me? The LORD is on my side. He is my ally." - Psalm 118:5-8

Pastor Sammy this morning at breakfast before we ate grabbed both my hands and prayed, "LORD, You said that when we go through the valley of danger, the valley of the shadow of death, You would be with us. Mary went through a tough dangerous valley with her car being rear-ended. Thanks for being with her. Comfort her. Strengthen her. Give her wisdom about how to get to Alabama. Be with Pastor Dave as it's hard to be here when Mary is in such a tight spot.  In the Lord Jesus name, Amen."

PS. Mary slept off the headache and headed for Tuscaloosa (trip take 2) the next morning in the safety of my pickup truck. Bruised, but brave.

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