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Repeat it Three Times - Dave's Daily Devo - May 31

  • 2019 May 31


Repeat It Three Times 

Mark 10:32-34

I was trying to teach several hundred Kenyans the old “Hallelujah” children’s song. It’s the one where the girls start out singing, “Hallelu, Hallelu,Hallelu, Hallelujah” And then the boys sing “Praise ye the Lord!” You repeat the phrases and then in the middle the “Praise ye the Lords” goes first, and then it climaxes with everyone singing “Praise ye the Lord!” Now the catch is that when the ladies stand and sing, the men are seated. And then when the men stand and sing, the women sit down. If you do it fast, everyone gets a work out in praise. 

Now if you’re lost in this explanation, you can imagine what it’s was like when I’m explaining all this in my English  (different than Kenyan English) and then my translator repeats it in Swahili. To be honest it was a disaster at first. I had to repeat the instructions slowly, but when we went over it the third time, they finally got it. 

Every good teacher knows the “Three Rep Rule.”  And that’s why Jesus in Mark instructed his disciples three times about the horrifying events that would take place in Jerusalem, but in this case, they still didn’t get it.

“Jesus and his disciples were going up to Jerusalem, and he was leading the way. The disciples were astonished that Jesus was heading to this danger zone. Those who followed along were even more frightened. Again Jesus called his disciples to himself and began to say to them, ‘Look! We are going up to Jerusalem and the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priests and the legal experts in the Law. They will condemn him to death and hand him over to the Gentiles. They will mock him, spit on him, flog him, and murder him. Three days later he will rise.’”   Mark 10:32-34

This is the third time that Jesus has predicted his death and resurrection. He wanted his closest circle to get it, but as we will see, they didn’t.  What amazes me is that even when they didn’t get it, Jesus didn’t quit on them. Even when they left him alone to face the trial before the religious leaders and then Calvary, he didn’t come down from the cross. He hung there and died alone for you and me. Thank God that when we don’t get it, or we abandon him, he doesn’t abandon us. But today he’s repeated it more than three times and we need to believe in the power of that cross to forgive our failures and the power of his resurrection to help us to follow him closely.  

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