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Dave's Daily Devo - November 25

  • 2016 Nov 25

What’s Up With This Baby?

Luke 1:57-66


NCIS is not one of the top rated TV shows because it relieves all the suspense in the first five minutes. Instead it challenges us with a lot of unanswered questions before the first ad. Dr. Luke knows the importance of doing this, and one of the biggest questions he raises as he tells us the story of John the Baptist’s miraculous birth is, “What then will this child be? (v. 66)”

He’s not going to answer this question until he introduces John’s ministry in chapter three, but Luke has already made it clear.

  1. John’s birth brought great joy to Elizabeth and Zechariah, but also to folks all over Judea and beyond. (vv. 14, 58)
  2. Elizabeth and Zechariah’s family and friends are already wondering how this new baby will grow up to be a prophet like Elijah, the one who would fulfill Malachi’s prophecy about a herald who would prepare the way for the Lord Himself to visit His people (Malachi 3 and Luke 1:17).
  3. In Elizabeth’s womb the baby has already announced the importance of Jesus in Mary’s womb  (Luke 1:15, 41-44).
  4. When Zechariah affirmed that he had listened to the angel—the boy’s name was already “John,”  meaning “Yahweh will be gracious,” the Lord immediately loosened his tongue and opened his ears (v. 64)

“Now the Elizabeth’s time to give birth arrived, and she had a son. When her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had so powerfully showed them His mercy, they joined in their joyous celebrating. On the eighth day it was time to circumcise the baby and they were going to call him, Zechariah, after his father. But his mother responded, ‘No! He will be called John.’ They said to her, ‘None of your relatives have this name!’ So they made motions to his father to see what he would call him. He asked for a wax tablet and wrote, ‘John is his name.’

Immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue freed up and he began praising God. Reverence fell upon all their neighbors and it spread throughout the hill country of Judea. All who heard about these things kept them in their hearts and asked, ‘What will this child be?’ For the hand of Yahweh was with him.” Luke 1:57-66

In Monday’s Devo we will talk about the content of Zechariah’s praise as Luke goes on to share what he said, but today, I want to join all of Zechariah and Elizabeth’s friends in celebrating God’s powerful ability to do miracles and keep His promises.

LORD, Mary and I are so thankful this Thanksgiving weekend to have almost all our kids and their families with us. You turned our hearts toward You and from the earliest stages of our marriage. As we get to hold especially our youngest grandkids, we do dance for joy because You have kept Your promises to us. We thank You today that John the Baptist was right. Jesus was the LORD who fulfilled Malachi’s prediction that You would show up for Your people.

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