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Blessed Through The Ages - Dave's Daily Devo - November 29

  • 2018 Nov 29


Blessed Through The Ages   

Luke 1:46-50

One thing everyone knows is that Peyton Manning might have stopped quarterbacking the Broncos, but he definitely hasn’t stopped calling the signals when it comes to selling Nationwide. Manning's name carries a lot of weight both on and off the field. Now let's travel a couple thousand years into the future. What would you bet about Peyton's name recognition then? 

Even the most well-known public figures today are forgotten in the next wave of celebrity. It’s this ephemeral nature of fame that makes a young, Jewish teen’s prediction about the enduring name recognition of her son so incredible.  Mary was humble and poor, but she understood the enduring greatness of the baby boy nestled in her womb.  

After Elizabeth and her baby, John, bubbled with joy simply hearing Mary's hello, it was the mother of Jesus’s turn to burst into praise. It's called the Magnificat from the Latin translating the Greek "megalynei" which means "magnifies." Check out the first lines of her poem.

"My soul magnifies the LORD,

And my spirit rejoices in God, my Savior,

Because he has looked upon the humble place of his servant.

For take note, from now on all generations will call me blessed,

Because the Mighty One has made me great. 
Holy is his name!

His mercy from generation to generation is upon those who reverence Him. " - Luke 1:46-50

In God’s calculations it’s not hall of fame athletic skill, money-making genius, or even the cleverness to become known by millions by Facebook savvy. It’s the heart the revels in God’s greatness—the heart that knows that all we can depend upon is divine mercy before God, not only Mary’s Savior, but also ours. With Mary, through her son, we, too, can be blessed through the ages. 

LORD, I naturally conclude that it's the strong and the powerful, like NFL players with fame and millions, who are remembered. Mary, your mother, reminds me that you turn things upside down. It's the humble and the weak that get your blessing, and even now, she is still being called blessed.

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