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The Forgotten Husband - Dave's Daily Devo - October 2

  • 2018 Oct 02


The Forgotten Husband      

Hosea 2:8-13

It was in the rodeo arena connected to the old world famous Gilley’s in Fort Worth. I took Steve, my brother-in- law, and I had free tickets. It was a Buck Off where the entire night was one bull ride after another. I got the tickets because I was to give the invocation for a friend. He had organized the entire night to raise money for a cowboy suffering with terminal cancer. 

As we walked through the hallways trying to find the right section, one thing was clear. My western clothes simply didn’t cut it with this crowd. I mean husbands were decked out with two hundred dollar Stetson Cowboy hats and eight hundred dollar ostrich boots. But the ladies western regalia far outshone the men’s. 

Watching one of the successful ranchers escort his wife to her seat, you could just feel his pride. He had the bucks and his wife could enter any Fort Worth western store and purchase what she wanted. But suppose this rancher had to walk to his seat alone and watch his wife wearing the $1000 sequined, fringed blouse he had given her for their anniversary with her 2.00 Carat diamond be escorted to her seat by another man?

In Hosea God is portrayed as this husband whose wife decked herself out with the clothes, rings and jewelry he had given her, refinery she used to seduce other men. 

“But she has not acknowledged that I gave to her the grain, the pressed wine, and the olive oil. I multiplied for her the silver and the gold—which they used for Baal. 

Therefore, I will return and take away her grain in its time, my new wine in its season. I will take back my wool and linen given to cover her nakedness. So now I will expose her shame before her lovers. No one will be able to deliver her from my hand. I’ll bring to an end all her joyous New Moon festivals. I’ll stop all her Sabbaths and sacred assemblies. I’ll ruin her vines and her fig trees—the things she said were the pay from her lovers; I’ll make them a thicket, and wild animals will devour them. I’ll punish her for the days she burned incense to the Baals. She decked herself out with rings and jewelry then went after her lovers, but me she forgot.”  Declares the LORD.

Hosea visualizes the devastation to crops, the end of all the religious holidays and national celebrations. He sees the population stripped by attacking invaders. This all happened in history to Northern Israel from 745 BC to 722 as the Assyrians applied greater and greater pressure. But Hosea declares that Israel’s real enemy is not the Assyrians. It’s an angry Yahweh who has been betrayed. His people used His bountiful blessings to engage in sexual orgies and drunkenness—giving their hearts to Baal, the Canaanite deity. When any of us break the 1stand 2ndcommandment, there will be serious consequences. 

LORD, generate faithful, pure devotion to you in my heart through Jesus’ Spirit dwelling within. Cause the fact that you have loved me so faithfully and provided for me so bountifully to inoculate my heart against the seduction of false gods.


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