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Dave's Daily Devo - September 2

  • 2016 Sep 02

The Mysterious Amazon Order

Psalm 147

I order a lot of books. So when a package arrived on my front porch from Amazon.com, there was no surprise until I opened it. It was an epic fantasy novel—hundreds and hundreds of pages. The next day another package arrived from Amazon. This time there were two volumes, both epics, and I hadn’t ordered a one. My son-in-law in Alabama devours this type of literature, so I got on the phone. “Harvey, are you sending me a subtle hint that this fall I need broaden my reading and wade into your appetite for settings filled with evil super powers and out of this world tyrants?” He laughed. Not the source. I tried my oldest son up in Connecticut. His wife could compete with almost any bibliophile. Again I came up empty. Where did they come from and what was I supposed to do with them?

Then the belated email from Brazil showed up in my inbox. “Uncle Dave, did the books my son Richard is dying to read arrive, and do you have room in your suitcase to bring them down?”

While in Brazil, I road in the car with Richard several times.  His nose was stuck in one of the books I hand delivered, proving that not all teens have thrown away all their reading habits for video games. As I read Psalm 147:28-20 this morning, something else hit me about my nephew’s Amazon order.

“He declares His Word to Jacob, His statutes and laws to Israel. He did not do this for any other nation; they do not know His rules. Praise the Lord (for God’s gift of moral laws to Israel)!”

Amazon.com probably doesn’t give it a thought, but the book they placed in Richard’s hand in Brazil depended on a business culture that obeyed the 8th, 9th, and 10th Commandments. Richard could count on Amazon not to lie about the price (9th), not to steal his credit card number and money (8th), and that when Amazon shipped his order to me in Texas, a U.S. postal employee wouldn’t open the box, covet the books, and steal them (8th and 10th).

A lot of major U.S. companies are strongly rejecting the 7th commandment about God’s sexual standards, believing it satisfies the changing ethics of their customer base. Before breaking the stone tablets, they might want to take another look at those Big Ten. Maybe all of us need to take another look? Why do you think I needed to hand deliver those books to Richard in Atibaia instead of using the Brazilian postal system?

LORD, I join the Psalmist in thanking You for the Commandments You revealed to Israel. Thanks more for the gift of the Messiah, Your Son. Without Him I couldn’t obey even one of Your moral laws. Thanks that in Jesus I have the power not to steal, lie, covet, or commit sexual sin. And thanks for a great nephew who still enjoys a good read.

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