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Discover the Book - Apr. 1, 2009

  • 2009 Apr 01

Unpardonable Sin

As we open to Mark 3 we open to Jesus walking on this earth and confronting the Scribes, men of the Word. As we read the 11 verses that record that event stop and think what I just said. Jesus was face to face with a group of humans. Have you ever thought about how we appear to Jesus? Not spiritually, but physically. He has such a different perspective that we do. Remember the story of our origin. Genesis records that God the Son, Jesus Christ, took some dirt, or soil, and from the elements of the crust of this planet and shaped a body.

Suppose we were going to make a human body. We would need fifty-eight pounds of oxygen and fifty quarts of water, two ounces of salt, three pounds of calcium, twenty-four pounds of carbon, and some chlorine, phosphorous, fat, iron, sulphur, and glycerin. We bring the items home -- so much dust and some water. There it is, our do-it-yourself kit for making a human body. The only problem is with the instructions.

The human body is so complex an entity that no scientist can comprehend more than a fraction of its composition and functions. A mere piece of skin the size of a postage stamp requires three million cells; a yard of blood vessels, four yards of nerves; one hundred sweat glands, fifteen oil glands, and twenty-five nerve endings! Yet the evolutionist would ask us to believe that the blind forces of chance produced our bodies.

Dr. Mayo of the Mayo Clinic had a humorous way of putting it. He said you would need enough potassium for one shot of a toy pistol, enough fat for seven bars of soap, enough iron for one large nail, enough sulphur to delouse a dog, enough lime to whitewash a chicken coup, enough magnesia for one dose of medicine and enough phosphorous for a few boxes of matches! The total purchase would not fill more than a couple of grocery bags…  

So here we go. Face to face -- the Most Loving Person in the universe, who gave more than any could imagine looked sadly into the eyes of a piece of His personal craftsmanship - some dirt, some water, some air. Jesus had just supernaturally delivered a blind and mute man (in Matthew 12), and everyone was stunned at the unmistakable finger of God in their midst. And then Jesus uttered the ultimate curse. Jesus said that day "You will never have forgiveness – if you die in your sins!”

Think of it, the Creator Himself, the One who scooped up the dirt and shaped it into a body, and then ignited that body with a soul, breathed in by the very breath of God!

That Infinite Being turned and looked at one of His creations.

Just think what He may have thought.

Just think of the inexpressible emotions Jesus must have felt. Looking at a piece of clay, only alive at His command, only existing at His will – and seeing a completely self-hardened and self-blinded soul that would die without any hope. Exist without any recourse. Suffer without any end. Endure without any respite. Scream without any response. Burn without any end to the consuming. No wonder that Jesus warned more of Hell than He spoke of Heaven.

In our portion of God's Word this morning -- Jesus spoke three words that are so solemn, so hopeless, so devastating that they are hard to even comprehend for us who know and love Him. Jesus said: never has forgiveness.

Every day the one truth I cling to is the gracious forgiveness of our loving Savior. I know that however many times I fail – He forgives. I know that how every many times I fall – He restores. I know that how ever many times I sin – He cleanses, restores, and forgives. That is so encouraging, so refreshing, so hope filled. But Jesus said: never has forgiveness. Those are the darkest words of all – the Endless Doom of a Soul.

Those three words have shaken many believers to the very core of their being. Those words have troubled many sincere Christians, dogging their steps all through life. Those words have become what we call today – the unpardonable sin. Jesus said: never has forgiveness. Those are the darkest words of all – the Endless Doom of a Soul.  

  • If you have ever heard of the unpardonable sin – you need to listen to Jesus speak.
  • If you have ever wondered if you have sinned a sin that Jesus may not ever forgive – you need to hear what He has to say.
  • If you have ever secretly feared that you may someday face Jesus and have to answer for your sins – and you fear Him turning you away – you need to let Him speak words of comfort and assurance to your heart from His Word today.  

As we open to Mark 3.20-30 we come to the place where Jesus pronounced the greatest doom of all. In verse 29 Jesus said: never has forgiveness. Those are the darkest words of all – the Endless Doom of a Soul.

  • Far worse than the end of the world – is the doom of the soul.
  • Far worse than the death of a body – is the doom of the soul.
  • Far worse than a pain filled life of deprivation and hardship – is the doom of the soul.  

But, side by side with the most gloomy, hopeless verse in the Bible – is the most hope filled, comforting verse in the Bible. Five words that should ring in your heart if you have ever feared the grave, if you have ever feared the judgment, if you ever fear not making it to Heaven. In verse 28 Jesus said: all sins will be forgiven. Those are the brightest words of the Bible --

Side by side in two verses in the Gospel by Mark are the three darkest words of the Bible, and the five brightest words. And there is a message for each of us from those two verses. The messages are:

Mark 3:20-30

Jesus Promises: 28 “Assuredly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they may utter;"

5th Jesus Warns: 29 but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is subject to eternal condemnation— 30 because they said, “He has an unclean spirit.”

Today we begin our journey through the next paragraph in the Gospel by Mark. These verses contain one of the most feared, probably the most misunderstood, and certainly the most horrible words ever uttered by Jesus.

Jesus the Savior of the World, who came to seek and save the lost says side by side the greatest and worst words ever spoken to any humans. What were those words?

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