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Discover the Book - Aug. 28, 2009

  • 2009 Aug 28

Alone With God


Jesus lived the perfect human life.


He lived in a whirlwind of activity.


He was constantly eating, walking, talking, and sleeping with twelve men who never seemed to leave Him alone.


Vast crowds, and desperate individuals sought him out.


He was chided, rebuked, and even scoffed at by His own family.


He was the personal target of Satan who tempted Him, Satan who tried to derail Him, and Satan entering people to drive them to destroy Jesus.


He was attacked by every demon that could be rounded up to scream at Him, thrash around in front of Him, and seek to bother Him.

Civil and religious authorities always plotting to catch Him, and take Him off for punishment and execution hounded him.


His life was so full of people and ministry he didn't even have a moment to stop and eat.


Yet in the midst of all that, what was He?


Peaceful, calm, focused, and confidently following God's will.


How did He do that?


If we follow Him, we can find His secret. Though we can never be sinless, we can learn and follow His pattern for the perfect life in step with God's will. So Jesus lived a super full, ultra busy, demanding life. But every time He was seen in the Scriptures He is quiet, composed and led by the Spirit. He was God, yet as man was living the perfect human life. What did that perfect life on earth have to keep it so strong? What was the secret? The secret is the times Jesus spent ALONE WITH GOD, SOLITUDE, time alone with God, time in secret away from everything and everyone else.


Jesus had to be alone with God, and Jesus wanted to be alone with God. And Jesus found times no matter what was going on and places no matter where He was, to be alone with God.


How can we start cultivating time alone with God? Jesus demonstrated it is our priority, but where do we start? Here are some suggestions:







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