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Discover the Book - August 29

  • 2020 Aug 29


Guarding a Healthy Mind in a Sick World

Earth's darkest hours are dead ahead. Jesus warned us that at the end of days, the world will be subjected to the most intense bombardment of deceptions, false teachings, and truthlessness ever poured out on humanity. How healthy are your beliefs about God?

Satan's All out Attack

Is on Your Mind

The physical world meets the spiritual world in the realm of our minds. There is only one firewall that can protect your mind from the invasion of malicious spiritual worms, and the damage of deadly demonic viruses, and the havoc that spiritual hackers can wreak on your souls. What firewall can protect our minds?

What firewall allows us to resist the relentless attacks the world of Satan? Paul explains just one: our mind fed a healthy diet of TRUTH!

How is your truth intake? Is it real, are you feeding your soul on the pure food of God's Word? Do you recognize, hold onto, and really know sound or healthy doctrine? If not, the days are growing darker, the spiritual legions of mind twisters are stepping up their hacking, and lest you fall pray to their deceitful lies and get crashed on the rocks of error: start today a lifelong habit of Guarding a Healthy Mind in this sin sick world.

Healthy minds are firmly holding onto The Truth. How healthy is your mind? Eternal freedom from guilt, shame, pain, and horror are all tied solely to The Truth.

Jesus Christ said He is the TRUTH we all need to cling to through life: "I AM the Way, The Truth, and the Life". The Truth is a Person, and that Person is the Lord Jesus Christ, God in human flesh.

Nothing matters more than the Lord Jesus Christ, The Truth, incarnate and revealed to us in God's Word, our Master and Savior.

That is why nothing is so precious as the faith we have in God, His Word, and Christ's work for us. That is why Paul sat to write the young church-planting pastor named Titus, serving on the island of Crete. Paul's world was hostile to the truth of God; and Paul warned that days to come would increasingly be filled with false teachings about God, and false doctrines.

As the dark days of deception come, God wants the Church filled with men who have guarded and healthy minds fixed on God's Word. That is why this fourth quality of Titus 2 explains to us that: men who are sound in faith as Disciples of Christ, are Guarding their minds by a healthy faith in this sin sick, deception filled world around us.

Paul says these men are to be "sound" which is the word hugaino, meaning "to be sound, well, in good health." The application is that those who teach God's Word protect their teachings from any error being mixed with truth.

Paul is saying these men must believe and teach true doctrine, which is recorded in God's Word. These godly older men should know what they believe; and their doctrinal convictions and behavior should line up with God's Word.

Be sure that you are in that life-long process of guarding and feeding your heart and mind; look for the evidence of your progress (I Timothy 4:15); obey God by a healthy diet of sound doctrine; and then share your life with others as you walk with them and Christ through life.

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