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Discover the Book - July 19, 2011

  • 2011 Jul 19


Why God Doesn’t Answer Prayers

No one ever said as much about prayer as Jesus. And, no one can impact our lives more to pray and be heard by our Father in Heaven -- than Jesus.

No one else but Jesus can put through our prayers to be heard by our Father in Heaven. Jesus is the intercessor, the operator that connects us, and puts our calls through.

Today Jesus warns us that there are some prayers He can’t put through for us.

Prayers are like phone calls, both are about talking to someone you believe is there but you just can’t see them. The telephone, invented in 1877, by Scottish born inventor -- Alexander Graham Bell, was a big hit.

In the olden days, many years ago, long before cell phones, wireless handsets, and a phone in every room, were the days of telephone operators. These ladies (did you ever get a man back then?) would say “Operator” and then you would say “I would like to place a call to …” and then they would proceeded to try put that connection in place.

Some of the most dreaded words back then for all of us helpless and dependent telephone users were, “I am sorry I can’t put that call through for you”. Then would come the reasons – we had given an incorrect sequence of numbers, or the lines there were not functioning, or the party was not answering, or that party was not even accepting calls, or we had not been able to settle the whole matter of paying for this event.

But back to the dreadful words, “I am sorry, I can’t put that call through for you.”

When you and I pray we always go through the One and ONLY OPERATOR. He always answers the call, but doesn’t always put that call through for us. Today we need to consider why our Operator Jesus Christ the Son of God would ever have to say -- “I am sorry, I can’t put that call through for you.” And if you listen carefully to Him speak through His word; you will never have to get those dreadful words again. The rules for placing a call, and being put through are VERY CLEAR, right here in the COMMUNICATIONS GUIDE that Jesus our OPERATOR left us.

Lets listen to Jesus in Matthew 6 and then go from cover to cover and see all the calls that won’t go through and why! So what stops and or hinders prayers from getting put through to our Heavenly Father?

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