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Discover the Book - June 13, 2007

  • 2007 Jun 13

Overcoming Life’s Unending Struggles

Unguarded Moments

1st Kings 15:5




This morning think about the unguarded moments of your life as we examine again the life of David.


We will see this morning that in David’s life--unguarded moments led to sin; sin had inevitable consequences that led to pain; painful godly sorrow brought repentance, and humble obedience led to joy!


All that is what David learned in the most horrible time of his life. As we open to 1st Kings 15 we are looking at David, the most commemorated man in God's Word. We are returning to the life that God wrote the most about in the book He left us called the Bible.


We have already seen over these past weeks, that God gave His Divine record for us to see how David lived as a young boy and then as a man. We have seen him struggle, run, hide and become totally depressed and discouraged. Then we saw the Lord bring him out of all his troubles.


May I remind you that we know more from the perspective of God through His inspired Word about David’s life (by the sheer mass of 141+ chapters devoted to his life in God's Word) than any other human that has ever lived. That means—


  • We know more about David’s boyhood, youth and growing up years than any other Biblical character.
  • We know more about David’s struggles, pains, emotional turbulences, and depressions than any other Biblical character.
  • We know more about David’s career choices and successes than any other Biblical character.
  • We know more about David’s finances and treasured possessions than any other Biblical character.
  • We know more about David’s family struggles than any other Biblical character.


We begin this morning the next phase of this series which I am calling “David’s Spiritual Secret: Overcoming Life’s Unending Struggles”. As we do so we sadly enter into another area of David’s life we know more about.


  • We know more about the sin of David’s unguarded moments than we do about anyone else;
  • We know more about the pain of the consequences that followed for years to follow. But most of all—
  • We know more about David’s humble obedience prompting the marvelous grace of our loving Lord—grace that exceeded David’s sin and his shame. We see David’s joy in his last days as he returns to joy, peace, fulfillment and blessings from God.


As we enter into this final phase of David’s life, where we meet him this morning--he is at the top of his career. He is a successful king, powerful ruler, undefeated general, wealthy businessman, and surrounded on every side by God’s blessing. David is writing worship music, serving the Lord in public worship, practicing personal worship and loving the Lord.


But, there is an incredible postscript to an incredible life that should stop each of us dead in our tracks. Look with me at 1st Kings 15:5 and listen as I read and emphasize that one word God emphasizes for us.


1 Kings 15:5 because David did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, and had not turned aside from anything that He commanded him all the days of his life, except in the matter of Uriah the Hittite. NKJV


God forgives the sins, and God forgets the iniquities. But the consequences and loss are recorded in the Bible, God’s forever settled in Heaven Word.


We on this side of the cross have many advantages, one of them the finished revelation of God in this book called the Bible. Two of the greatest New Testament writers simplify our daily lives. Peter says that every day of our lives we are stalked by a ravenous lion called the Devil. Paul adds that we will get devoured if we don’t take heed. Here are their words.


[1 Peter 5:8] “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. [1 Corinthians 10:12] Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.” NKJV


Beware of allowing any unguarded moments in your life, thinking that you are safe from sin’s reach, and that it won’t bother you anymore; it is at that moment the ravenous devourer himself is crouching and preparing to spring. That is what David discovered, only it was too late!


We begin this morning a careful look at the three final eras of David’s life. They need to be studied and heeded by all of us.

  • Unguarded Moments lead to SIN—Uriah and Bathsheba. First is the saddest chapter, the darkest and the one we all wince at—his sin with Bathsheba. 2nd Samuel 11
  • Inevitable Consequences lead to PAIN—Absolom and Shimei. These are the chapters that record the many years of painful consequences because of David’s sin. 2nd Samuel 12-21, 24
  • Humble Obedience lead to JOY—Solomon, Psalms and the Temple. And last, the final days of David’s life. When we see that despite the failures of Bathsheba incident—David truly was after God’s own heart. We see him end well, using his final days for God’s glory. 2nd Samuel 22-23


There are lessons to be learned from David that are very difficult but so necessary. For any and all of us today ring Paul’s words across the twisted wreckage of so many lives that litter the highway of the redeemed—


1 Corinthians 10:12 Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. NKJV


Why would David ever drop his guard and have these dangerous and unguarded moments in his life? Well, think of how far he came.


1. From his youth we have Psalms 19, 23… The bottom line of life is—who do you want to please? There are only two possible choices at the deepest level. Either we please God or we in one way or another are seeking to please ourselves. David wanted God to be pleased. It started way back in his youth as we saw in Psalm 19.


Psalm 19:14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.

David broke with the crowd, stopped getting and seeking approval from his peers and went straight to the top. He wanted God and God alone to be his goal. And that was still his desire.


2. From his fugitive years we have Psalms 56, 142…in these days we find him trusting and following the Lord against all odds.


3. From his greatest days of his career we have Psalms 15, 24, 68, 101, 132… Next we find David’s testimony of God’s closeness during life as David was in his peak or his strong years/career.

§         Psalm 101 was David’s pact for purity. He fled to the Lord as his refuge from sins of his youth. David feels the loneliness of those struggling years of unending work in his career. David writes of his desires to serve the lord as he enters his career as King David over Israel.

§         Psalm 132 may be David’s confession after being anointed king by Samuel and looking back and remembering god’s hand on his life.



This sermon will be concluded on Thursday June 14th.

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