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Discover the Book Mar. 20, 2011

  • 2011 Mar 20


The Pathway Back to God

Psalm 51 is a roadmap to anyone who has ever gotten away from the Lord; it is a beacon that clearly captures for us the roadway back to God.

David fell so far, so fast, and he didn’t even realize it until the dullness of his soul spread to every inch of his spiritual life. Soon his cold and lonely heart was combined with his tormented soul and trapped in a painfully chastened body. And he stayed at the bottom like that for almost a year.

David was a man who knew God, experienced God’s presence, loved God, sang scores of songs inspired by God, wrote chapters of the eternal Word of God—and yet he seemed to lose touch with God for a YEAR!


Only God could relieve David’s cold, distant, lonely tormented heart by granting complete forgiveness and restoring his joy, peace, and security. Hence Psalm 51 is all about David, who had been so far away, coming back to the Lord. It stands as a paradigm of prayers for forgiveness of sins—a divinely inspired roadmap to the path back to God.

Psalm 51, designed primarily for public reading and worship, is one of the most treasure-laden psalms in the Bible. It was part of the regular songs of the tabernacle, then the temple, and now the church.

The structure of Psalm 51was intended for effective communication in public assembly and worship. Note the emphasis and how it changed:

·         David asked for Forgiveness. In verses 1-2, David asked six different yet parallel ways for God to restore and renew him.

·         David took the blame. In verses 3-9, David emphasized his responsibility for his sin eight times, but God was not mentioned by Name.

·         God was his desire. In verses 10-19, the Holy God against whom David sinned was emphasized twenty times, but sin and sinner were only mentioned once.

The primary lesson of this psalm is that ALL SIN is AGAINST GOD—not simply a personal defeat. If you believe that your sin is only a defeat you experience, sin becomes manageable and thus something to just learn to live with.

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