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Discover the Book - September 4, 2011

  • 2011 Sep 04


God's appointed day

Tensions were the highest anyone had ever known. People everywhere were talking about Lazarus who was dead and now he is alive, Bartimaeus who had been a blind fixture by the roadside as predictably as the morning. And now he could see and was he ever sure how he regained his sight. And then there were the crowds who had witnessed miraculous feedings and healings  . . . Well it is Sunday, 10th of Nissan in AD30, Jesus Christ is leaving a small village 2 miles outside Jerusalem called Bethany.

His departure is precisely what had been predicted 1,500 years before by Moses (our Passover Lamb who had to enter on the 10th of Nissan). The way He would come was exactly stated 500 years before by Zechariah (our King riding on a colt). Both stated how He would come: as a Lamb and as a King! You see God's Plan is PERFECT!

Let’s read the Palm Sunday Triumphal Entry of Jesus the Lamb that was to be slain at God's precise moment in time, Mark 11:1-10.

The arrival of Jesus on the 10th of Nissan in AD30 was one of the greatest moments in all of history. Jesus hit Jerusalem with pinpoint accuracy. Jesus came on the very day and hour God had appointed for His presentation to the Nation and the World as God's Passover Lamb. It was an exact fulfillment of a precise prophecy. And with divine accuracy and incredible timing, Jesus came on Palm Sunday the week before Resurrection Morning. If you will note the amazing accuracy of God's Perfect Plan for the arrival of Jesus, there are three personal applications we can make for our own lives. What are they?

God's Perfect Plan means - You are not an accident (You have Divine ORIGIN)

God's Perfect Plan means - Your life is not meaningless (You have Divine PURPOSE)

God's Perfect Plan means - Your death will not come unexpectedly (You have Divine DESTINY)

Jesus lived thirty years of relative obscurity as a boy, a carpenter with just a glimpse at age 12 going to the Temple.  He then followed with those three and a half action packed years of incredible ministry. Now we are at the final week! What did Jesus want us to see in those final days? We need to weigh them because they were so important to Him that He shared them at this crucial time.

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