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Hearing the Words of Jesus - Ed Young Television Devotional - 10/21

  • 2020 Oct 21

Ed Young Television Devotional

Hearing the Words of Jesus

“Whoever has ears, let them hear.” -Matthew 11:15


Jesus was and is the master communicator. His words bring life, healing, and hope. Every word Jesus spoke while He was on earth had purpose and meaning. And in today’s world, His words are recorded in the Bible for us. When we tap into the Bible, read the words Jesus spoke, and apply them to our lives, we discover that purpose and direction for our lives.

However, not everyone hears Jesus’ words. Too often, we can glance over what He taught, or become selective in what we want to hear. Jesus tells us that if we want to discover the purpose He has for us, then we must not only acknowledge His words; we must also obey them. Are you listening to what Jesus has to say to you? Are you remaining obedient?


Thank God for communicating with us through the Bible. Pray for the discipline to read His words every day, and for the courage to obey what you learn.


Commit to not only hearing Jesus’ words, but to obeying them. Bible studies are good. But unless we apply what we learn, there is no point. Begin to apply the basics of what you have already heard from Jesus, and discover power and purpose beyond your comprehension!

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