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Nowhere He is Not - Ed Young Television Devotional - 12/7

  • 2020 Dec 07

Ed Young Television Devotional

Nowhere He Is Not

 ‘I fill all of heaven and earth,’ says the Lord.” -Jeremiah 23:24


In our world today, there's a reality that we all have to deal with. It's the presence of drones. Drones seem to be everywhere. They see what we think is invisible, and hear what we think is inaudible. But the fact is they aren't everywhere. God, though, is!

Have you ever thought about the omnipresence of God? There is nowhere that God is not. That fact is one that we looked at this past weekend with Pastor Ed Young. Take a moment to ponder the presence of God. And ask yourself what an ever-present God means in your life today!


Praise God for the unique aspect and character of His omnipresence. Pray for Him to reveal to you this week what His presence can and should mean in your life.


Take the next several minutes to re-watch (or watch for the first time) Pastor Ed's message from this past weekend. And share the link with others you know!

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