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Experiencing LIFE Today - May 6, 2015

  • 2015 May 06


If one bite fills you, you don't need two. — Marty Rubin

Libby and I usually start our day with a green shake – a bunch of kale, spinach, apple, avocado, and protein powder – pure goodness. I know, if you’re not into this sort of stuff, it probably looks like a big gooey booger. But for us, it satisfies – it’s all we need to launch into the day.

I usually pour my green smoothie into a glass and head out the door because I have a small window of time to get my son from one sport to the next. Sometimes I have to grab breakfast with him on the fly. One morning I decided to take him to McDonald’s. He was shocked. He didn’t even know McDonald’s served breakfast. But man, they do; and they know how to SELL breakfast. Just looking at that stuff and getting a whiff of it makes the average mortal crave more. But not me, not that morning.

I didn’t order anything because I already had what I needed. I would have caved and ordered something, but I didn’t because I already had a cup of spinach, flax seed, and banana. I was satisfied with what I had, and I didn’t need what McD’s was selling. Not only that, but I knew that what I had was better for me.

This is contentment. And contentment is debt’s kryptonite. Let’s define contentment this way: Contentment is the settled conviction that I have what I need. And since I’ve already got what I need, I don’t need what they’re selling.

The author of Hebrews wrote, “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have” (13:5).

The word for contentment there is from the Greek word arkeo, which means “satisfied with the present.” How can you be totally satisfied with the way things are today – right now – without a desire for more? Remember that in Christ, we have all we need. In Him, you are full, content, and complete – without need.

In Christ, we have all we need for an abundant life in the Spirit:

Relationship with God? Yes.
Access to His wisdom? Yes.
Sweet fruit of the Spirit? You bet.

He offers all of that for free today! So why, with all of God’s goodness, would I try to fill my life with something inferior that I will have to work to pay off?

Jesus, I’d like to take time today to reflect upon Your goodness – upon the fact that You are more than enough. I pray for satisfaction in this very moment. I ask that You bring me to a place of contentment so solid that I am able to remain content in all moments to come. Amen.

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