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Experiencing LIFE Today - Oct. 7, 2011

  • 2011 Oct 07


Your identity and His wrath

“Wrath: God’s personal, divine, repulsion to evil, and His personal vigorous opposition to it.”—Leon Morris

With enough negativity bombarding us every day, why talk about God’s wrath when talking about our identity in Christ?

  • Because it gives us the fuller picture from God’s higher perspective.
  • Because it gives us a more authentic appreciation for what He did on the Cross.
  • Because the Great Story of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness really doesn’t make any sense without it!
  • Because we need to feel that wrath in some way in order to grasp the extreme reconciliation we have in Christ.

The righteous wrath of God is not a “downer.” It’s the perspective that makes the mercy and grace and love and forgiveness have vivid, real-life meaning! Understanding the wrath we have been spared because of Christ makes the gift of forgiveness all the sweeter!

It’s the view from the top of the waterfall. It gives us the full, beautiful context of the Great Story we are a part of.

God of Grace, thank You for Your Word. Thank You for the full picture it gives. Give me the fuller view of Your wrath so that I can more fully celebrate Your graciousness. Thank You for making me a part of the Great Story of Life! Amen.

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