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In Touch - Aug. 9, 2007

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

August 9, 2007 – The Expression of Faith Mark 11:20-24

            Have you ever requested something of God, and later wondered if He ever heard you at all. You might have thought, What happened, Lord? You said if I asked in faith, You would do it. Didn’t You hear me?

            Think about a time you brought a petition to the Lord and it seemed to go unanswered. Think about the situation, your prayer, and the surrounding circumstances.

            We often experience a crisis of faith because our words and our attitude get out of line with each other. We tell ourselves we’re praying to God, seeking His will, and asking for His intervention. But what we’re really doing is complaining to Him.

            We say, “Lord, I really messed this up” or “I don’t deserve this.” We might pray, “How did this happen?” Or perhaps we even cry, “How did You let this happen?” We moan about the situation and complain about our pain. And then we tell God to fix it. Is this a prayer that honors the Lord?

            In Mark 11:24, Jesus explains if we ask for something, we should believe in our hearts that it’s already been granted. This level of faith is found in our praises. God absolutely wants us to cry out to Him and to lay our requests at His feet. But we must be careful to do so in a way that focuses on God’s glory, not our own.



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