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In Touch - Feb. 27, 2009

  • 2009 Feb 27

February 27, 2009
Living in God’s Grace 

Psalms 42

When I visited the West Coast, I had the opportunity to do some photography at a spectacular beach. From 75 feet above, I watched huge waves roll in and crash on the rocks below, twisting and breaking, spraying foam into the air.

While observing this magnificent display, I realized that our lives are very much like those rocks when we’re living in God’s grace. This world can throw some mighty fierce waves our way, but no hardship is greater than God’s provision for enduring it: Jesus’ Spirit lives within each believer. By cooperating with His Holy Spirit, we can allow Christ’s life to be released into our circumstance.

Nothing can move Christians out of the Lord’s grace. His power dwells in us, ready and available. When we live in fellowship with our Father and rely upon Him, we can become like rocks, standing firm against the onslaughts of life.

God has granted us everything we need to endure triumphantly, no matter how intense the pain may be. Our peace and joy originate not in the circumstances of life but in our relationship with Christ. That’s why we can experience contentment even when a tidal surge slams against us.

What situation is crashing upon you—relational problems, health issues, financial struggles? God wants you to live in His grace, rely on His strength, and place your hope in Him. If you were capable of handling everything that came your way, how would others ever realize that His strength is what makes you strong? 



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