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In Touch - January 7, 2006

  • 2006 Jan 07

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Saturday January 7, 2006

Troubled Friendships

Psalm 15:1-3


Second to God, friends are a believer’s most valuable assets. Companions provide a listening ear for our troubles, support for our dreams, and a safety net when we fall.  Our friends also give us love, even when we are unlovable.


Inevitably, though, some of these important relationships will go through troubled periods. If the friendship is worth preserving, a solution should be sought through the following steps:


Address the situation. Acknowledge to your friend that something is amiss and needs to be fixed.


Determine the problem. Together, discuss where the relationship veered off

course and what wrongs may have been spoken or committed.


Apologize. As believers and friends, we accept responsibility for our actions and

seek forgiveness.


Refuse to blame. In addition, we must avoid defending ourselves. There could be

a temptation to argue over who did what; however, the goal is not proving who is

right but saving the friendship. 


Begin repairs. Ask, “What can I do to rebuild our closeness?” The key here is to do willingly whatever is requested.


Commit to rebuilding. Immediately start investing your time, energy, and love in restoring the friendship.


In order to have the blessing of a good friend who loves us, we must be willing to pay the high price of patching up a relationship. Walking away might seem easier, but in the long run, we would lose a valuable treasure.

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