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In Touch - June 18, 2005

  • 2005 Jun 18

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Saturday June 18, 2005

Family Influence: Good or Bad?

1 Kings 15:1


In these two chapters of 1 Kings, we see the result of careless parenting—most of the sons emulated the evil deeds of their fathers. As believers, we certainly try to ensure our children do not inherit sinful ways from us, but we must be equally committed to modeling right behavior. The following are five questions for parents and grandparents to ask themselves about their influence on family:


If our children walk in our ways . . .

1. What place will Jesus, the Bible, the church, and prayer have in their life?

2. Is God’s will going to be the determining factor in their decision making?

3. Will they develop strong godly relationships?

4. Will they put the best effort into their vocation and handle their money wisely?

5. Will they spend eternity in heaven or separated from God?


When children are growing up, the environment parents create has the potential to impact them negatively or positively. Everything boys and girls see, hear, and experience will make a tremendous impression upon their lives. In their adult years, how our children think about themselves, God, and other people will be linked to their childhood and family influence.


Whether we are parents, parents-to-be, or grandparents, we are responsible for the life practices our sons and daughters learn from us. I challenge you to pray over these questions and make the necessary changes the Lord reveals. If you do, I guarantee your children will thank God for you.


* * *


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