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In Touch - Sept. 20, 2006

  • 2006 Sep 20

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

September 20, 2006

Jesus Christ: A Gift from the Father

Matthew 7:11


We try to give presents that are meaningful but we aren’t always successful.

However, God’s gift—His Son Jesus—is always the right one for everybody. This gift is:


Heaven sent. Jesus was sent to earth from the heavenlies in order to fulfill God’s plan. (John 6:38) Every aspect of His life—from His birth as a little baby to His death on the cross—was part of God’s gift to us.


Needed. God gave His Son to us because of our desperate need for rescue. Sin has ruined the human race (Romans 3:23) and placed us all under divine condemnation.(Romans 5:18) Since we are unable to pay the price justly demanded by God for our sin, our greatest need has always been for a Savior who could pay our sin-debt for us. (Romans 6:23) Only Jesus qualified because He was without sin. He became our Redeemer, reconciling us to God. (Romans 5:10)


Sacrificial. God sent Jesus to die in our place so that we might become part of His family. The Son deliberately sacrificed His life to accomplish the Father’s plan.


Perfect. Jesus was God in human flesh, walking among mankind. His character and His will are flawless, and He works perfectly on our behalf. (Romans 8:28-29)


Precious. Jesus Christ can do for us what no material thing or other person can. In Him, we become new creations belonging to God. (2 Corinthians 5:17)


God wrapped His special present to us in human flesh so we might know Him and identify with Him. How closely intertwined is Jesus’ life with yours?



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