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InTouch 01-16-04

  • 2004 Jan 16

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

January 16, 2004
In Touch Daily Devotional


Peace in Times of Trouble
JOHN 16:29-33

We know we belong to Jesus, but when trouble hits, peace often slips away. Why does this keep happening?

1. Our focus may be on circumstances. To have God's peace, we need to focus on God. We need to remember all things are under His control; He has helped us in the past and will do so in this circumstance too. His Holy Spirit will comfort us and guide us through it. With eyes looking to Him, we will begin to experience His peace.
2. Our trust has probably been in ourselves as well as God. We are to trust solely in our heavenly Father. We must stop depending on our own efforts. Jesus said, "Trust in God; trust also in me . ." (John 14:1 niv). Trusting in Jesus brings the peace of God into our situation.
3. We seek advice from other sources. Scripture is to be our primary source for wisdom on how to live. Advice from godly sources has its place, but God's Word must be our main source. Turning to Scripture will anchor us during trials and give us peace. Satan seeks to keep us troubled and uncertain, fearful and insecure. But if we read and absorb the truths of the Bible, our faith will grow and our trust will deepen.

When you find yourself without peace, check your focus to see if it's on God. Determine if you've been trusting in your own efforts. Discover what God's Word has to say. Peace will be ours when we narrow our focus, and saturate our minds with truth and trust.


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