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InTouch 01-23-04

  • 2004 Jan 23

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

January 23, 2004

In Touch Daily Devotional


A Moment of Weakness

2 Samuel 11:1-5


We all face key moments of decision, at which times our actions produce lasting consequences. The issue is, will you be ready when such a time comes?


David was not prepared for the moment of decision that came upon him. His mind was preoccupied with restlessness, loneliness, and worries, and it was at that moment that temptation and sin crept in. We can guard ourselves against these moments of weakness by remembering one simple word: H – A – L – T.


First, never allow yourself to get too HUNGRY. When the body is weak from lack of food, poor decisions will surely follow. You must respect your body and provide the sustenance it needs.


Second, never allow yourself to get too ANGRY. Anger clouds your judgment and can lead to regrettable decisions.


Third, never allow yourself to get too LONELY. When you feel isolated from others, you may find yourself willing to do anything to feel accepted or loved.


Fourth, never allow yourself to get too TIRED. Sleep is an absolute essential for wise decisions. When you deprive your mind and body of its necessary “down time,” you can be sure that the result will be poor choices.


Of course, you cannot always prevent these things, but there is one thing you can do: commit right now to never make important decisions when you are too hungry, angry, lonely, or  tired. Instead, be honest with yourself, and admit that you are unprepared to make sound judgments at those times; then, hold off on the decision until you can approach it with prayer, patience, and godly wisdom.


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