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Leaves of Life - November 27

  • 2019 Nov 27


  • Horace died B. C. 8.
  • Marquise d'Aubigné Maintenon born 16324.
  • General Artemus Ward born 1727.
  • Fanny Kemble born 1809.
  • Alexandra Dumas died 1895.

Be this thy brazen bulwark of defense, to preserve a conscience void of offense, and never turn pale with guilt.



Is life a noxious weed which whirlwinds sow?
A useless flint o'er which the waters flow?
Not so!
A life well spent has not its weight in gold;
It is the clearest crystal earth doth hold,
A gem beside which suns seem dull and cold.

—Robert Louis Stevenson.


That they may lay hold on the life which is life indeed.

—1 Timothy 6. 19.


Lord God, I pray that my life may not be impoverished by neglect, nor burdened with indulgences, but that it may be kept in condition for high endeavors. Grant that I may never be content to rest in satisfaction and ease when I could struggle and accomplish a good work. Amen.

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