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New Life Daily Devotion - July 24, 2011

  • 2011 Jul 24


Beyond Failure
For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again.
Proverbs 24:16 

The occasional disappointments and failures of life are inevitable. Such setbacks are simply the price that we must occasionally pay for our willingness to take risks as we follow our dreams. But even when we encounter bitter disappointments, we must never lose faith.

The reassuring words of Hebrews 10:36 remind us that when we persevere, we will eventually receive that which God has promised. What’s required is perseverance, not perfection.

When we encounter the inevitable difficulties and stresses of life here on earth, God stands ready to protect us. Our responsibility, of course, is to ask Him for protection. When we call upon Him in heartfelt prayer, He will answer—in His own time and according to His own plan—and He will heal us. And, while we are waiting for God’s plans to unfold and for His healing touch to restore us, we can be comforted in the knowledge that our Creator can overcome any obstacle, even if we cannot.

The almighty Father will use life’s reverses to move you forward. - Barbara Johnson

So you have failed? You have not failed; you have gained experience. Go forward! - Josemaria Escriva

One of the ways God refills us after failure is through the blessing of Christian fellowship. Just experiencing the joy of simple activities shared with other children of God can have a healing effect on us. - Anne Graham Lotz

Do not be one of those who, rather than risk failure, never attempt anything. - Thomas Merton

Today’s Prayer
Dear Lord, when I encounter failures and disappointments, keep me mindful that You are in control. Let me persevere—even if my soul is troubled—and let me follow Your Son, Jesus Christ, this day and forever. Amen 

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