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Patience In Waiting - Powered by 4 - September 10

  • 2018 Sep 10

Patience In Waiting

Today's reading: Psalms 37:1-40

God's timing is always perfect. I know this and I've experienced it numerous times, yet I still wrestle with this fact when my timing doesn't seem to line up with God's--especially when my circumstances are not so desirable. So David's repeated reminders of God's faithfulness and our need to wait and be patient, drew my attention. The clear message found in verse 5 spoke loudly to my heart.

"Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act."(emphasis added)

What's one thing you noticed about God's timing and/or waiting from Psalm 37? Was there a particular phrase or verse that encouraged you to be patient and wait expectantly for God to move? How have you experienced God's faithfulness when you've chosen to patiently wait on His timing? Tami

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