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Somebody Loves You - December 10

  • 2015 Dec 10


THURSDAY 10 December, 2015

Idle Time

Now it came to pass when the king was dwelling in his house, and the Lord had given him rest from all his enemies all around, - 2 Samuel 7:1

The first thing I see as I start this chapter is how the Lord had given David rest from all his enemies. God had given David victory, so the nations surrounding Israel left them alone. They knew Israel was protected by the One, True, Living God.

David was at rest, but there was a problem coming. We will soon see how often times of rest give us too much time on our hands and may cause trouble for us. David did not have to worry about his enemies, God was taking care of protecting the nation, so he had time to think about what to do next.

Whenever we are at ease, trouble comes. I find I have to be careful when I have too many days off, because I let down my guard against the enemy and my own flesh. I am used to being in the battle every day, so when God gives me rest; I have too much time to think about what I can do for the Lord.

The desire to serve the Lord and bring glory to His name is a normal desire for those who love Him. However, we must always seek God’s will before we make our own plans. When I am busy serving the Lord, doing His will, I am not led astray by the enemy or my own flesh. My heart, mind and eyes are focused on Him. When I am at rest, I am in danger of making my own plans and forgetting to present them before the Lord for His approval.

Some temptations come to the industrious, but all temptations attack the idle.
~C.H. Spurgeon~

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