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Somebody Loves You - July 12, 2017

  • 2017 Jul 12


Division & Rebellion

But Abner the son of Ner, commander of Saul’s army, took Ishbosheth the son of Saul and brought him over to Mahanaim; and he made him king over Gilead, over the Ashurites, over Jezreel, over Ephraim, over Benjamin, and over all Israel. - 2 Samuel 2:8-9

The house of Judah anointed David king of Israel, but not everyone in Israel was ready to make David king. While the men of Judah were faithful to the call God had put upon David, there were some who would seek power at Saul’s death. One of Saul’s own men, Abner, thought he could become more powerful, so he took Saul’s son, Ishbosheth, and lifted him up in the Northern Kingdom as king. At this time, there were two kings; one was raised up by the Lord and one was not of the Lord.

Think about it; God had already anointed David king, so Abner was not only coming against David; he was coming against the Lord. It was God who allowed Saul to be brought down, so David could be lifted up. It was not God’s plan for Saul’s son to be king of His people. Abner was in rebellion against the Lord.

There are people like Abner in businesses and ministries everywhere. They are not faithful to anyone but themselves. They are just waiting for the right opportunity to gain power. They are not seeking God’s wisdom, but are in rebellion against God. Be careful of the people you raise up, so you do not end up with an Abner coming against you. More importantly, examine your own hearts and make sure you are not in rebellion against God, seeking your own will.

To understand the will of God is my problem; to undertake the will of God is my privilege; to undercut the will of God is my peril.
~Paul S. Rees~

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