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The Four Spiritual Secrets - May 21, 2013

  • 2013 May 21

MBC Daily Devotional

A Personal Easter

He is risen!

What does Easter mean to you, personally? The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the key to making Easter personal. To understand that statement, first learn something from a dragonfly. Have you ever watched a dragonfly move like a helicopter from one flower to another with its two magnificent sets of wings?

The dragonfly actually spends the first one to four years of its existence at the bottom of a body of water. In that form it has a respiratory system that enables it to inhale water through its long narrow body and derive oxygen from the water, as many underwater creatures do. This fascinating creature has a second respiratory system that will one day equip it to breathe air when it enters into its second dimension of life.

One day it rises to the surface of the water, climbs up on the land, dries its wings in the sun, spreads those wings and gloriously begins the second dimension of its existence. The dragonfly is obviously designed by God to live out its existence in two dimensions. The message of Easter is that we too have been designed by God to live out our existence in two dimensions-on earth now and one day, in heaven.

The operative Easter word is “Resurrection.” The resurrection of Jesus Christ means that He is alive. We can know Him and be empowered by Him today. His resurrection is also a preview of our resurrection. God will one day transition us into the second dimension of our existence through our own death and resurrection.

Learn from the dragonfly and let these two applications of the resurrection of Jesus make your Easter personal.

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