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Then & Now - Week of March 9

  • 2009 Mar 09

Facebook and Jesus
James 2:23; John 15:15

A few months ago I joined the rest of civilization and signed up for a Facebook account. I’ve always considered myself pretty web and computer savvy—having worked in publishing, web design, and communication for most of my career.

But for some reason—stubbornness probably—I’d resisted the Facebook revolution. Until last December and I joined kicking and screaming.

Now I’m saying to myself—what took me so long? I love using Facebook and connecting with friends old and new.

But as you probably know, the word, “Friend” on Facebook is used loosely. Does anyone really know all of their Facebook friends? Not really.

Why do we want more friends and why do we accept people we don’t even know into our little digital circle? Because we all want more friends. We all want to be loved, appreciated, and admired.

One thing I’m finding, though, is that digital friendship cannot replace genuine, lasting friendships. On Facebook, you can easily “unfriend” someone and never “see” them again. But in real life, that’s not so easy, is it. And when friends let us down, we want to “unfriend them” but we know the better thing to do is to forgive or apologize and heal the relationship.

The Bible says that there is a Friend that sticketh closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24). This is talking about God. God is the one friend that won’t “unfriend” you in hard times. He wants you to know him, not just in a passing, digital, Facebook sort of way, but in a real, genuine, heart-to-heart way.

James writes that Abraham believed God and was called, “The friend of God.” That means everyone around Abraham knew that his very best friend was God. They just  knew it.

Can that be said about you? You will have friends, Facebook and otherwise, who will disappoint you. Some will even “unfriend’ you in life. But God never, ever will.

His love is unconditional.

His grace covers all of your sins.

His care and compassion for you exceeds all others.

In the Gospel of John, as Jesus was about to be led to this cruel death on the cross—a death he willingly accepted for you and for me. To his disciples he said, “I don’t call you servants anymore. I call you friends.”

Do you know what it means to be a friend of God? It’s a priceless treasure. And it is His love that allows you to be better friends with others.

If you’d like to know more about being a friend of God, I’d invite you to email me or send me a message on Facebook.

Daniel Darling is an author and pastor with a passion for young people. He is the author of Teen People of the Bible, a 100-day devotional for teens. Visit him on Facebook by clicking here, or at

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