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In Touch - Nov. 16, 2006

  • 2006 Nov 16

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

November 16, 2006

Why Our Needs Remain Unmet

James 1:5-8


            If our loving, all-powerful Father really desires to meet His children’s needs, then why do so many go unmet? Let’s look at a few key reasons why we may lack understanding. 

          First, we don’t ask. If this seems elementary, it is! And yet, it’s astonishing how many people fail to raise their concerns to God. Some may think that He has too much to do to worry about their little problems.  That is simply not true.   God exists outside of time because He created it.  He has an eternity to work out problems, and handling your situation will in no way limit His time or ability to work matters out for others.

          Second, we may ask, but we doubt that God can or will meet our needs. It’s a tragic mischaracterization to go before the all-powerful, sovereign God of the universe and essentially claim that He isn’t big enough to handle your needs.  James 1:6-8 describes such a person as “double-minded” and “unstable.”  When you approach God, do so knowing that He can meet your needs.

          Third, we ask God to address the symptom, not the real need.  At times, we pray and pray about something, such as a particular emotional pain, but we never see any change. The reason may be that we are focusing on the symptom instead of the actual need. Talk to the Lord about the whole situation.  The root need may be something you have yet to consider. 

          The heavenly Father wants to meet your needs. If you cannot see His work in your life, be sure to critically look at yourself from His perspective. Are you standing in the way of God’s intervention?



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