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Transformation Garden - February 18, 2016

  • 2016 Feb 18

Feb 18

Today's Text:

“For consider how great things God hath done for you.”

I Samuel 12: 24
King James Version


 God’s Gift of Understanding

 Day 4: Is my God great enough for me? Yes, He is all I need today and always.”

Dorothy Valcarcel
Transformation Garden

How great is my God?

Is He great enough to handle all that concerns me?

“Although it may seem odd, the experience of God is our extra bonus, our reward – He is (our) pleasure and joy.

We trundle along the ground like planes about to take off. But, if we do not resist it, there is a mysterious upward thrust, and – we are airborne.

We search for God in our clumsy ways and, sometimes, we despair. But if we really search, a hand, as it were, comes down and pulls us up. We find to our surprise that we are not the only searchers. We are half-heartedly searching for God, but God is whole-heartedly searching for us.”

Lionel Blue
A Genuine Search


 “God is great, and therefore He will be sought;
God is good, and therefore He will be found.”

Author Unknown

As we have gained insight regarding our Father and our Friend. I have found I agree with the thought that, “If God were small enough for us to understand, He wouldn’t be big enough for us to worship.” While our limited understanding will never give us the knowledge to comprehend God’s vastness, I find it extremely comforting to know that a God so big that He can rule the universe is yet small enough to dwell within my heart.

 Often, from our finite view, we attempt to define God by putting Him in a box of our own creation. I love the way Pastor Virginia Going opens our eyes as she lifts the curtain on the potential we need to see in God:

“God is not rescuer.
God is not safety.
God is not benevolent or critical Father-knows-best.
God is not puppet or puppeteer.
God is not who I thought or was taught He is.

God is lover – reckless, spendthrift, indiscriminate, passionate.
God is pursuer – relentless, determined, tireless seeker of my soul.
God is challenger – demanding, movement, journey, change, growth.
God is creator – delighted in me.
God is nurturer – feeding hungry children.
God is teacher – eager to share knowledge and wisdom.
God is dancer and music maker – creation responds joyfully …
God is spirit, wind, and fire – uncontainable …
God is light – exposing, revealing, searching out all I would hide.
God is unknowable yet constantly revealing to me with richness and intensity I cannot ignore.

God knows me, forms me, recognizes and claims me … from my mother’s womb.”

May this great and wonderful God embrace us in arms of love, hold us close forever, and never let us go.

“God is not an idea, or a definition that we have committed to memory, He is a presence which we experience in our hearts.”

Louis Evely


 Meditation on the Names of God

 “To you who laid the foundation of earth, I dare to speak.
We have called you by many names,
in many languages,
through many centuries.

Living in this transition time,
none of those names seems sufficient,
expressive, easy to speak
when I try to bring myself before you.

‘Jesus,’ I can say, yes, and ‘Jesus Christ’ –
Son of the Most High, Redeemer of the world,
Incarnation of the divine in human form –
crucified and risen to show us the way home.

‘Holy Spirit,’ I can say, no problem –
wind and fire anointing the Apostles,
your still voice at the center of the whirlwind,
caretaker of this strange thing we call the Church.

But what of you, O first person of the Trinity?
If I don’t pay attention during church
I can roll through all those names without a hitch:
Father, Lord, King.

But when I hear myself, or focus on the words upon the page,
I falter, resisting the baggage of human fathers, lords, kings.

But human baggage cannot weigh you down.

You were enigmatic when directly asked your name:
just “I AM, tell them I AM sent you.”
What kind of name is that? I AM what?

Is this an elaborate game
in which the goal is to discover what is hidden?
Or do we know instinctively
that to name something is to control it
as Adam named the animals?

Is that why your name is a mystery,
must remain a mystery,
lest we imagine even for a moment
we can control your beauty and your power?

God forbid.

Speak my name, lover of souls,
that I may be wholly yours.
Then none of the rest will matter at all.”

Dr. Pamela W. Darling

                                                            Your friend,

Dorothy Valcárcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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