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Transformation Garden - May 14, 2013

  • 2013 May 14


“And Deborah sent and called Barak…and said to him, ‘Has not the Lord, the God of Israel, commanded you… (and God has promised), I will deliver (Sisera) into your hand.”

Judges 4: 6, 7
Amplified Bible


“Daughters of Deborah” – Part 5

Daughters of Deliverance

“Who can find a daughter of deliverance?

Look! We are all around. In the work rooms of industry and of every functioning enterprise, unheralded, invisible, some say non-existent,

But we know otherwise.

What will daughters of deliverance be doing?

Contributing and lifting high God’s name, changing the course of history, preparing, supporting, challenging those who suppress our heavenly voice.

What are God’s daughters of deliverance like?

We are women of courage. We are compassionate and long-suffering. Our number is legion and our gifts are diverse.

Let us praise the daughters of deliverance, representatives of all the unsung heroines whose lives are a living testimony that God is God in us.

Hail – daughters of deliverance, inspired by the witness of our sisters in faith. Let us go forth encouraged to give our best efforts, knowing that the grace of God is our power unto good.

May God’s goodness flow from the work of our hands. Awake, awake, daughters of Deborah. Awake, and shout your song. For you shall be as the sun when it goes forth at the noonday.”

Dorothy Valcárcel
(Adapted from Transformation Rituals-Valiant Women
And Judges 5: 12, 31)

Will I accept my calling to be a “deliverer” as a daughter of Deborah?

“God, take me by Your hand, I shall follow You dutifully…I shall follow wherever Your hand leads me and I shall try not to be afraid.”

Etty Hillesum


“Despise not yourselves, ye women; the Son of God was born of a woman.”

St. Augustine

My sister has worked in the Labor and Delivery Department of various hospitals for over 30 years. In fact, because of her vast experience, she now educates other nurses in this area of expertise. I find it interesting that when you visit hospitals, the rooms where new lives come into the world are called “delivery” rooms. And if you were to see who it is in these rooms that is doing the “delivering” of life, you would have to note that the gender is all the same – we girls are the “deliverers” of life. Our bodies bring forth new life. And it isn’t just human life – little babies – that we deliver, there’s more to the deliverance we women provide to the world around us.

This is why the fifth characteristic of the “Daughters of Deborah” is that they are “deliverers.” A deliverer sets something or someone free. A deliverer is a liberator. A deliverer gives something to the intended recipient. These are critical traits of a deliverer.

We as women not only bring forth life into this world – the life of our children, but we also have an unmatched opportunity to “liberate” our children to be all that God intends for them to be. Our responsibility is not to force upon our children our wishes or unfulfilled dreams. We are not given our children to mold them into our image, but to release them to the power of their heavenly Father.

But there’s more we as “deliverers” are to do. Because “deliverers” give something to the intended recipient, as I view the children and family members and friendships in my own life, I think of how their intended recipient is God, Himself. Just think what it is like to be able to bring those you love, those whom you have brought the joy of heavenly deliverance to, into the arms of their Father – who wants to receive all His children – every single one of us.

You see, as “Daughters of Deborah,” we as women have chosen to be devoted to our Heavenly Father before anything else. We are diligent in all we do. We are determined to persevere to the end and we will daringly follow God’s path wherever it leads. And because of our devotion, diligence, determination and daring, God calls us, every single one of us, like He did Deborah to be “deliverers” for Him.

This wasn’t a calling outside of Deborah’s sphere of everyday life, for she was married and had a job. Instead, God called her to be a “deliverer” where she was and among the people she met everyday. She didn’t go thousands of miles away to do what God asked her to do. She did God’s bidding under a tree in her own backyard. She spoke words of encouragement to the people she knew best, and she brought heaven’s deliverance to her extended family – the children of Israel.

Until I began to gain an understanding of Deborah, I don’t believe I had a complete vision of how important our lives are every day as we touch those around us. God’s daughters who choose to devote themselves whole-heartedly to Him; who are diligent in everything they put their hands to; who never give up but are determined to keep moving forward, no matter the obstacles they encounter; who are daring in their boldness for God – we are God’s daughters of deliverance to every one we meet. And we will be used by God to bring liberation into the lives of our family and friends. As the poet Thomas Love Peacock so eloquently penned: “To chase the clouds of life’s tempestuous hours, to strew its short but weary way with flowers, new hopes to raise, new feelings to impart, and pour celestial balsam on the heart, for this was women given, the last, best work, the noblest gift of heaven.”

Awake, awake, daughters of Deborah. Let us speak our words, for God our Father has called us.

“They talk about a woman’s sphere as though it had a limit;
There’s not a place in earth or heaven,
There’s not a task to mankind given,
There’s not a blessing or a woe,
There’s not a whispered ‘yes’ or ‘no,’
There’s not a life, or death, or birth,
That has a feather’s weight of worth
Without a woman in it.”

Kate Field, Poet


“I am held in the hand of Your life, and I do not know what You will make of me…But this I can do, this I choose, to give myself into the hand of Your continuing creativity. My past, with its joys and triumphs, its failures and regrets. My present, with its struggles and accomplishments, its hopes and set backs. My future, with its fears and freedom, its pain and promise. To loose and to bind, to stretch and to shape, to become what I will, trusting the hand that made the world, trusting the Spirit that breathes life, trusting the love that will not let me go, trusting the promise of the Word made flesh.”

Kathy Galloway
Talking to the Bones

Your friend,

Dorothy Valcarcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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