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Word for the World - October 30

  • 2019 Nov 20

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A Materialistic World

“In the beginning, God created…”   (Genesis 1:1,)

Our world is dominated by one particular worldview we know as materialism. Materialism is the idea that matter has always existed, always will exist, and thus is all that matters. Materialism denies a transcendent (in a different realm) Creator.

We most often think of materialism in an economic sense. A "materialist" is one who "gets all he can, cans all he gets, and sits on the cam!" His behavior displays the fact that, for him, matter is what matters.

But a materialistic worldview goes beyond economics. The belief that abortion is acceptable grows out of a materialistic worldview. When life becomes a matter of chemical makeup rather than the creative work of an Almighty God, then it is not a problem to reconstitute those chemicals. In fact, all morality comes from your view on materialism. Materialists believe that right and wrong are determined based upon how one's behavior affects the matter around them. Thus, for a materialist, right and wrong can only be determined by the situation at hand.

Reject materialism! Adopt a theistic worldview that understands that a transcendent, Almighty God spoke matter into being. As the creator, he is also the sustainer. Morality is now based not on the matter at hand but on the character of the God created matter

In His Grace,

Randy White

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