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Chaos in Egypt Brings Sleepless Night, Return to Promises of God

Chaos in Egypt Brings Sleepless Night, Return to Promises of God

SANTA ANA, Calif. (June 21, 2012) – The following is part of blog accounts from an Open Doors co-worker in Egypt about the chaotic situation in Egypt following presidential elections held last weekend.

June 19

I did not sleep all night (June 18).

Like millions of Egyptians, we were all glued to TV following up the results of the votes counting nationwide coming in city by city and town by town. One minute news reports indicate that Ahmed Shafiq wins some cities, the other minute Mohammed Morsi wins other cities. Morsi is the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate.

But is Morsi going to win the battle? The question was always there minute by minute and hour by hour in one of Egypt’s longest nights.

My wife, my kids, my relatives and Christians all over the country are waiting for good news that seems to have faded away. Many times throughout the night we were talking about God’s faithfulness to us and that He is in control, a fact that the church should obviously recognize in times of hardships and desperation.

By the time this article will be published, it will most likely be that we will have a Muslim Brotherhood president for the first time in our long history. Morsi will say the oath in exceptional circumstances with a parliament that was dissolved several days ago and a constitution that has not been written or even thought of yet.

Celebrations and festivals of success have already started in main squares by Muslim Brotherhood followers even before the final authorized result is officially announced.

Looking from their small window over the square and hearing the shouts of victory, many Christian families are in deep anxiety and concern.

May the Lord protect Egypt from any evil!

June 20

To live in Egypt these days is like riding a roller coaster. It takes you up gently and slowly in a relaxed and short ride, then suddenly at a point you don’t know, at the turn, it speeds up, taking you to the very bottom while some are laughing and many others are screaming.

We, Christians of Egypt, together with our Muslim countrymen, are in the midst of a real dilemma.

Last Monday, Morsi and his followers claimed victory and immediately started celebrations throughout the whole country.

Christians received the news – some with concern and others with complete devastation.

Later in the day, Shafiq’s campaign released a warning, reminding Egyptians that the votes counting process is still going on and that Shafiq will most likely win the elections due to the fact that about a million votes for Morsi came to the poll center already marked for his sake.

Christians received the news with mixed emotions – some with doubt and others with joy.

I see two clear facts as I look at the current chaotic situation:

  • Egypt has a long way to go before we learn how to implement democracy. It will obviously still be a long way to go.
  • It is obvious that neither Morsi or Shafiq will bring stability and rest to our wounded country after the final winner is declared.

What do we Christians do with all this chaos around us?

We continue to cry out on the name of our Father together: “God save Egypt.” We know for sure He listens and He does have a mighty plan for our country. We have nothing to hold to but to the promises our Father gave us. What a relief it is to read Bible passages like Psalm 91 and Psalm 46.

With all these thoughts running through my mind, I picked up my mobile phone and typed the verse Psalm 46:10 to all my family and friends … ”Be still, and know that I am God.”

June 21

New morning; new mercies coming from above.

I woke up early morning, and as usual, I wanted to have a slow, quiet start as I take a cup of tea. However, even this very simple practice seems difficult to enjoy these days in Egypt. Like most of Egyptians, as soon as you open your eyes, so many question marks pops up in your mind and blow away those quiet moments you hope to start your day with.

What is going to happen today? Are the results of presidential elections going to be announced today?

Is Morsi going to really win and be the president of Egypt?

What is going to happen when he wins, and what are the new challenges we Christians should be prepared to face?

Will we still be allowed to have our Bibles and worship freely in our churches? Will be ever granted permissions to build new ones in places where there are Christians but no churches?

Will our children be forced to memorize more passages from the Quran at school?

But what will also happen if he does not win?

Will his supporters go down to streets and revolt against Shafiq? Are we still going to face more violence and turmoil?

Could Egypt go through a dark tunnel of militant confrontations between Islamists parties and moderate and liberal  parties? Are more lives going to be lost and more people have to be seriously injured?

My wife and daughter are also wondering if the day will come that they will be forced to put on a veil as they go out.

Many hard questions with no answers.

I took a deep breath and reached the same conclusion: God is so loving and is in control. He knows what is best for us and nothing, literally nothing, could happen to us without His knowledge and permission. Even one hair would not fall from our heads without his permission.

What a great loving and caring Father we have in our Lord.

Publication date: June 22, 2012