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Culture's Biggest Lies

Culture's Biggest Lies

Sometimes it helps to just spell things out.  Like how culture lies to us.  And it does lie, but obviously each lie is couched as something we should believe as true.

Which is why we must consciously name them as lies so that we are not deceived.

Here are ten to consider:

1.   It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you are sincere, since all religions are basically the same (corollary: there are many ways to God).

2.   Christians are anti-science/anti-intellectual, and anyone who is a Christian must have checked their brains at the door.

3.   Marriage and family are purely social constructs and are therefore plastic and malleable by the current society.

4.   Personal significance and importance lies in gaining fame and wealth.  The person who dies with the most toys wins.

5.   There are no absolute, transcendent truths in the moral or spiritual realm.  All such truth is relative.

6.   Sex is physical, not spiritual.  Do with it as you will.

7.   Science is the ultimate arbiter of truth and determinant for both fact and meaning.

8.   The separation of church and state necessarily means the separation of religion and politics.

9.   Churches are man-made organizations that you can take or leave, inherently corrupt and compromising of true spirituality, and the larger they are the more suspect we should be.

10.The Jesus of the New Testament is a fabrication and not historically accurate.  It should not be believed.

Know any more?  Post away.  We can’t expose too many.

James Emery White


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