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1.5 Million Americans Sign Pledge to Boycott Target for Transgender Policy

1.5 Million Americans Sign Pledge to Boycott Target for Transgender Policy

The number of signatures of those protesting Target’s transgender bathroom policy has now reached 1.5 million.

Charisma News reports that this week, American Family association President Tim Wildmon hand-delivered another 500,000 #BoycottTarget pledge signatures to Target headquarters in Minneapolis. Wildmon had previously delivered one million signatures last year.

Wildmon also met with members of Target’s senior management and voiced his views (and the views of those who signed the pledge) regarding what they believe is a dangerous company policy.

Target officials reportedly listened to what Wildmon had to say about the policy, but did not indicate that they would consider reversing it.

The number of people committed to boycotting the store, however, is taking a toll on the company’s revenue. Target saw falling sales and stock prices over the past year.

"American Family Association is again appreciative that Target representatives were willing to accept the signatures of another 500,000 Americans who are alarmed by this ongoing policy," Wildmon reported. "Yet, even after the retail chain struggled with multiple negative headlines over their sinking sales this past year, Target gave no indication it would make any changes to this policy that is alienating millions of families."

Wildmon encouraged those who signed the pledge to remain committed to the cause and to let Target know that their customers are sending a clear message.

“Most importantly, we ask that all who agree with AFA's #BoycottTarget pledge remain committed to not visiting Target stores or shopping online through Target's financial numbers have shown that these families who have chosen to shop elsewhere are making a huge difference."


Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Publication date: May 26, 2017