100,000 Students Estimated to Participate in Bring Your Bible to School Day (Oct. 8)

100,000 Students Estimated to Participate in Bring Your Bible to School Day (Oct. 8)

An estimated 100,000 students across the nation will be participating in Bring Your Bible to School Day today (Oct. 8).

Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, the ministry that started the event last year, stated, "This is about students who have a very real faith and love for Jesus and who care about their classmates. In their hearts is a desire to live out their faith boldly, yet many have felt like they need to hide their faith.”

In a promotional video for Bring Your Bible to School Day, students are encouraged to take advantage of their religious freedom rights and to bring their Bible to school to share God’s love with their classmates.

“I wanted to show all my friends what the Bible is,” says a small girl in the video.

“I’ve received such love,” stated a young man in highschool, “why would I not give it away, why would I not show other people?”

Daly’s post, as well as the promotional video, assure students that bringing their Bible to school is completely legal and an exercise of their religious freedom rights.

One student in the video shared how a teacher approached her saying she couldn’t have her Bible in school, but she responded, “Actually, it’s Bring Your Bible to School Day.”

Daly urged Christians to pray for the students who will be bringing their Bibles to school.

“Pray God will lead them into productive conversations with their friends, and that He will use their willing hearts to make an impression on everyone they interact with.”

Photo courtesy: pixabay.com

Publication date: October 8, 2015