11 Ethiopian University Students Killed in Protests

11 Ethiopian University Students Killed in Protests

Eleven known university students were killed in Ethiopian protests with police. The protests began on April 28 and continue to occur on at least least four college campuses.

According to the AP, the Oromia state has been a scene for demonstrations of the secessionist movement for some time. The Oromo students believe that Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, should not be expanded into Oromia.

The protests have caused extensive damage to property, as the protests expanded from the campuses. A bank, gas station, and government buildings were set on fire.

However, authorities do not believe that the college students intended for any harm to come out of the protests. It is possible that the students’ protests were taken over by anti-government forces.

“We have established that the violence was not [on] the students’ agenda. As usual, there were some anti-democratic forces behind,” said a statement from police in the area.


Publication date: May 2, 2014