120,000 People Starving in Syrian City Besieged by ISIS

120,000 People Starving in Syrian City Besieged by ISIS

At least 120,000 people in the Syrian city of Deir al-Zor are starving while ISIS continues to besiege the city.

Christian Today reports that, since 2011, ISIS has been in conflict with the Syrian Armed Forces and the Free Syrian Army in the city. The Islamic State has gained control of most of the region.

Archbishop Jaques Behnan Hindo of Hassaké-Nisibis in Syria has warned that the city is in grave need of help.

"[J]ihadists have intensified the siege by not bringing food", he told Fides news agency.

"The few products that are still found – tomatoes, canned sardines, some tea – are sold on the black market with prices more than tenfold.”

The Archbishop added that before the siege, there were around 1,000 Christians living in Deir al-Zor, but now there is only one.

Not only is starvation killing Deir al-Zor residents, the Islamic State is also adding to the death toll.

Earlier this month, ISIS militants killed 300 civilians, mostly women, children, and the elderly. 

The UN has released a report warning of foot shortages in the city and dire conditions for remaining residents.  

Publication date: January 28, 2016